As your MLA, I will honour Jason Kenney's Grassroots Policy Guarantee and stand up for our members.

I am a principled, new, conservative, and have proposed many of my own policies that I look forward to debating at the party's AGM.

But ultimately, the policies of the United Conservative Party must be decided democratically by our grassroots members, and MLAs must respect the member's input.


Getting Calgary Back to Work:

We must find ways to stimulate economic growth. In addition to limited government that manages costs and finds efficiencies, Alberta can support industry and small business growth by cutting the bureaucratic mess and streamlining government operations.

A true economic recovery will require a careful and deliberate plan of managing costs, finding efficiencies, and streamlining the government sector.

This will help the entrepreneurial sector, industry, and small businesses recover and start growing, giving them room to breathe and start hiring Calgarians again.


The Alberta Advantage:

The Alberta Advantage begins with a tax advantage. We must ensure that Alberta is the lowest tax jurisdiction in Canada and competitive with our trading partners, to ensure we can attract top talent and businesses from around the world to our province.

I will fight to keep more money in your pocket, and in your businesses, and to enable higher returns for those that invest in our economy so that you're left with more money to spend in the manner that you see fit.

We must also implement policies that work for everyone, not just special interest groups so that the Alberta Advantage is an advantage for everyone.


Balanced Budgets & Debt Reduction:

Fiscal prudence is critical to avoid saddling the next generation with debt from government initiatives that don't create long-term benefits. As a young Albertan, this is an issue of particular importance to me.

We must balance our province's annual budget quickly, and work to eliminate our provincial debt as soon as possible.

Debt repayment costs billions of dollars every year, and the sooner we pay it off, the sooner that money can be spent on hospitals, schools, and other vital services, instead.


High Performing Education:

Providing excellent education opportunities for all Albertans is vital to our province's economic and social well-being.

I will push to extend school choice to every student in our province to prepare them for life-long success.

School choice will help all students achieve excellence by providing a diverse range of core curriculum, extracurricular programming, and skilled trades educational opportunities.


Affordable, Accessible, Quality Healthcare:

Every Albertan should be able to access high-quality, reliable, and timely healthcare services.

We must recognize the challenges of the current system and commit to addressing them by supporting primary care to reduce long-term costs and by being open to best-practices from other provinces to fix excessive wait-times.

Access to a waiting list is not access to healthcare - Albertans deserve better.



Our seniors helped build Alberta into the province it is today, and their vital contributions must be recognized and celebrated.

I will work to end devastating “divorce by nursing-home” scenarios by supporting continuing care that allows all vulnerable, disabled and senior persons to remain in their homes or close to their families whenever possible.

The government should ensure that all laws and regulations treat seniors fairly, don't unjustly discriminate against them and their interests, and protect their safety, privacy, and rights.


Transportation, Transit, & Infrastructure Planning:

Safe, effective and efficient transportation helps keep people and goods moving around our cities and our province.

I will work with all levels of government to build a comprehensive transportation, transit, and infrastructure strategy to improve access to neighbourhoods, community facilities, businesses, and employment centres for all Calgarians.

We must also ensure that infrastructure construction contracts incentivize on-time and on-budget project completion, and penalize cost overruns and delays.